Eastern European Network for Citizenship Education (EENCE)

EENCE is a Network of organizations and experts aiming at promoting exchange and development of knowledge, skills and values on citizenship education in the region of Eastern Europe.

Memorandum EENCE

The Memorandum is open for signing to experts, representatives of civil society institutions, foreign and international organizations who share our goals and are ready to cooperate in implementing the priorities of activities stated in this Memorandum.


Гражданское образование и пожилые люди: в поиске смыслов
Конкурс плакатов как инструмент гражданского образования и исследований
Онлайн-курс «Педагогический дизайн в гражданском образовании»
Портрет профессора Лютфи Заде украсил стену Мингечавирского государственного университета
EENCE:Club-8: как социальное предпринимательство может внести вклад в развитие гражданской активности
How to ensure access to education during COVID-19

EENCE Summit 2019

In order to enhance sustainability of civil society in the Eastern Europe with an improved operational environment and amplified linkages to civic education the EENCE Summit 2019 was held in Batumi, Georgia on October 4-6, 2019.

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