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Civic education in regional conflict zones

Expected results of the Program

In 2020, information meetings were held on the situation of civic education in the territories of regional conflicts, where the situation of civic education in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Donbas and the Transnistrian region was discussed. Thematic international information meetings discussed peacebuilding programmes in the territories of regional conflicts and the situation and role of women in regional conflicts. The results of these and other events became the basis for the publication.

As a result: Understanding Conflicts in the Modern World presents an overview of regional conflicts in the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia. The state of formal and non-formal education in the conflict territories is analysed. Attention is paid to the peculiarities of planning and implementing civic education programmes in conflict territories and for people from such territories. Examples of best educational practices are given. Advice on physical and digital security will be useful.

Expected results of the Program

look at the situation with education (and civic education in particular) in regional conflict zones, compare the experience of different organisations and institutions in this area, and provide practical recommendations

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Network for Civic Education in Eastern Europe EENCE



EENCE Summit 2019

In order to enhance sustainability of civil society in the Eastern Europe with an improved operational environment and amplified linkages to civic education the EENCE Summit 2019 was held in Batumi, Georgia on October 4-6, 2019.

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