Title of Program

“Third spaces” – places for civic education: theory and practice in the Eastern Partnership region

Expected results of the Program

Participants will get acquainted with
1. analysis of the concepts of “third places” as places for civic education
2. successful examples/practices of creating “third places” as places of civic education in the Eastern Partnership region

The study is expected to answer the following questions:
– what is the theory of “third places” and what is it aimed at?
– What are the specifics of the history of the development of “third place” problems?
– who and where explored the “third places”?
– what do modern concepts of “third places” as places for civic education say?
– what methods are proposed for implementation at the national and international level?

Expected results of the Program

the program aims to develop “third places” as places for non-formal and informal civic education, which is very important in the Eastern Partnership region, where formal civic education is discredited or under government restrictions

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Program organizer

Network for Civic Education in Eastern Europe EENCE



EENCE Summit 2019

In order to enhance sustainability of civil society in the Eastern Europe with an improved operational environment and amplified linkages to civic education the EENCE Summit 2019 was held in Batumi, Georgia on October 4-6, 2019.

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