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Franchising as a way to organize a social business

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Among the important tasks of the Franchising Association is to provide practical assistance in organizing franchises and promoting them on the market. To achieve this, over the course of our work we have managed to create several training projects. The Franchising Association constantly operates a Seminar Center, where information and educational events on the topics of franchising, business and self-development are regularly held.
We have been able to prepare several educational projects that help entrepreneurs with different levels of training to start their own franchising business as effectively as possible: both as a franchisor and as a franchisee.
Franchising approaches to building social entrepreneurship can provide a number of significant benefits, helping to combine commercial and social goals:
– Scalability: Franchising allows you to quickly scale a social business by attracting franchisee investors. Each franchisee contributes and creates its own center, spreading social values and services to different regions.
– Local adaptation: Franchising allows social enterprises to be adapted to the needs and characteristics of specific local communities. Franchisees who are intimately familiar with these needs can provide social services more effectively.
– Co-financing: Launching and running social projects requires funding. Franchising allows you to attract additional funds from franchisee investors, reducing the financial burden on the main organization.
– Management Efficiency: Franchising can reduce the burden on central management as each franchisee takes responsibility for managing their own business. This allows the organization to focus on strategic development and innovation.
– Support and training: The franchisor can provide operating standards, training and resources to franchisees. In social enterprises, this may include the transfer of knowledge about the social mission, methods of engaging with vulnerable groups and effective practices.
– Increasing impact: Through franchising, social values and impact can be spread to a wider audience. Each new franchisee center becomes a point of dissemination of social initiatives.
– Strengthening the brand: Successful social franchisees can create a positive image for the organization as a whole, as their activities will be associated with social responsibility and charity.
– Diversity of ideas: Franchisees from different regions can contribute their ideas and innovations to social business, enriching it and contributing to the search for effective methods to solve social problems.
Thus, franchising approaches can significantly enhance the impact of social enterprises, allowing them to grow faster, adapt to different contexts, and effectively address social problems.

Expected results of the Program

Prepare entrepreneurs, especially rural residents, and civil activists to organize their own social entrepreneurship project based on a franchise network

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https://franchising.org.ua/?p=894 https://www.facebook.com/seminarcentr

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Association of Employers in the Franchising Industry, Humanitarian Center



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